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About Watch Dogs

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Genre: Adventure | Publisher: Ubisoft | Platform: PC
Watch Dogs is an open world action-adventure title set in a fictionalized version of Chicago. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Watch Dogs puts players in the shoes of protagonist Aiden Pearce, a man with a penchant for mayhem and revenge. He's armed with a super-powered cell phone linked directly to the city's central monitoring system, ctOS, giving him complete access to everything connected to a network. With the phone, players will be able to manipulate traffic signs, drawbridges, roadblocks, security cameras and a slew of other interactive objects in their quest for vengeance against the men who've wronged Aiden and his family.

Watch Dogs: What We Like The Most

The city is a playground
While it's not identical to its real-life counterpart, this fictionalized version of Chicago maintains the same chaotic nature of the urban sprawl it's based on. This means that cars, trains and boats will be constantly moving about and transporting citizens, creating a living open world primed for mischief.

Lots to do
The core of Watch Dogs might be shooting, hacking and driving, but there's a bevy of side content to do. If you ever get bored with the main quest line, you can simply distract yourself with a game of poker or chess, or take part in unique missions that enhance the depth of the world's lore without directly interrupting the game's primary narrative. There's even an entire string of side content dedicated solely to competing in drinking games with hardened locals. 

An interesting protagonist
Watch Dog’s Aiden Pearce might initially come off as a cliché vigilante character, but quickly evolves into his own person. Shedding the archetype of angst-ridden antihero, Pearce's personal story instead reveals the inner workings of his family life and how he's just a man that'd do anything to protect his sister and her children. 

The Basics of Watch Dogs

The player controls Aiden Pearce, a man with access to all of Chicago's digitally connected electronics. With these powers comes a price, however, and at the beginning of the game the main character's niece is killed as part of a revenge scheme by the game's primary villain. It is then up to Aiden to avenge his niece and use his hacking abilities to make those who stand in his way pay for what they've done, which will result in hundreds of shoot-outs, car chases and overall chaos.

Watch Dogs: Core Challenges

1. Be aware of your surroundings
Most of Watch Dogs' biggest fights happen in confined rooms with little space to physically maneuver through. As such, it is up to the player to use their hacking tools to turn the tightly packed areas to their advantage. Setting off strategically located bombs, disrupting grenades and turning off light sources are all great ways to turn the tide of the game's numerous battles in your favor. You just need to keep an eye out for where these hackable environmental objects are as you play.

2. Hack often while driving
The driving mechanics in Watch Dogs might appear basic at first, but they quickly escalate as the player must hack and drive at the same time. Stop signs, draw bridges, road spikes and blocks are all fair game for hacking during heated chase sequences, as well as the ability to disrupt helicopters attempting to pursue you. Since the game allows you to look behind while driving, it's best to employ some of these various geographical obstructions in your wake to throw the opposition off your tail.

3. Pack a big gun
For a game that emphasizes hacking so heavily, it should be known that nothing beats a big gun in Watch Dogs. A simple yet effective solution for overcoming every mission in the game is arming one's self with a hulking Light Machine Gun, as these allow you to mow down the opposition like they're paper maché. This is very useful for when all your hacking resources are exhausted.

Watch Dogs Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the open world in Watch Dogs? 
It's very large — not quite as big as Grand Theft Auto V's, but still sizable. The ability to use airplanes and other flight vehicles is not present in Watch Dogs, meaning things look perceptively bigger when the only transportation methods available are cars, trains and boats. 

Is there a lot of content? 
Yes. Between the large assortment of side diversions and optional missions, as well as the main quest, there are plenty of structured activities to take part in. Beyond that, there are unlockable outfits, guns and upgrades as well as systematically generated rescue missions to take part in, meaning that technically there is limitless content.

How much does hacking change the game? 
Surprisingly, very little. While it is a nice addition, beyond picking off a few enemies here and there as well as scouting out a given location, hacking generally takes a back seat to the traditional open-world adventure fare of running and gunning, meaning sandbox fans will feel right at home in Watch Dogs.

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