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About World of Tanks

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Genre: Action | Publisher: Wargaming | Platform: PC
World of Tanks, developed by European game developer Wargaming, is a free-to-play, MMO tank-based war-game available on Windows. Separate servers accommodate players who wish to play on Xbox 360, with a forthcoming release for Xbox One. A mobile version called World of Tanks Blitz is available for iOS and Android. 

Players who enjoy online games with a strong player-versus-player element will enjoy World of Tanks, as will players who are looking for an MMO experience that defies the mold of games like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV.

World of Tanks Basics

In World of Tanks you can select from one of several hundred historical tanks from nations around the world to engage in combat against other players. You can control tanks from five categories: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns.

The game emphasizes teamwork and coordination. A team with the proper balance of equipment and the right amount of cooperation between players will always come out on top against an improperly constructed or poorly coordinated team. Besides the incredible variety of tanks to use, there are a large number of maps to play on as well.

World of Tanks: Core Challenges

There’s a lot of depth to World of Tanks. Here are three tips and tricks to help you get started.

World of Tanks Tip 1 – Upgrade Wisely
The huge number of vehicles available in World of Tanks is only the beginning. You can upgrade your tanks in a variety of ways. Do you cover your weaknesses, or emphasize your strengths? Play around a little bit to find a play style that fits, and upgrade accordingly.

World of Tanks Tip 2 – Change Tactics Depending on the Map
There are literally dozens of maps, and they range from compact to wide and everything in between. Some maps have many obstacles, hindering visibility and making it easy to ambush (or be ambushed). Some emphasize speed over power; making light tanks your go-to vehicle of choice. Keep in mind that a tactic that served you well on one map may not work on another.

World of Tanks Tip 3 – Teamwork is Everything
World of Tanks is a game all about teamwork. Unless you’re ludicrously talented or very, very lucky, you’re not going to take on an enemy team alone and win. Victory depends on working well with your teammates and covering your bases in battle

What We Love About World of Tanks

World of Tanks has been around for nearly half a decade, and it’s amassed a lot to love in that time. Here are just some of the things we love about it.

There are so many maps in World of Tanks, and they’re all so different. You have snow-bound maps, desert maps, verdant forests, and maps with canyons and rivers. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they also add in an important strategic element to gameplay, as many maps are unique and offer different challenges.

The Historical Detail
Almost all the tanks in-game are real historical models, exhaustively researched and meticulously modeled to appear and feel accurate as you play. The sheer amount of detail put into these machines represents a labor of love on the developers’ part and really helps the game stand out.

World of Tanks is not a hard game to pick up. The controls are simple and chances are you’ll intuitively master the basics after just a few rounds of play. While there are high-tier, professional level players who have turned this game into an art form, this is also a game you can just boot up and lose yourself in for a few fun hours of tank vs. tank goodness.

Top User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About World of Tanks

What Game Modes Are There? 
There’s Random Battle, which has a number of different modes inside of it, as well as Team Battles and Team Training. Company Battles has you build a team using a special point system, and in-game clans can use the Clan Wars and Stronghold modes.

What do Achievements Do? 
As in most games, achievements celebrate milestones you reach or note particularly awesome actions you perform. Achievements simply serve as a commemoration of past experiences; they provide no tangible boosts.

What’s the Best Tank? 
There’s not really a “best tank” in the sense of a single superior vehicle, as the different tank types cater to separate playing styles and certain maps and modes may favor one tank category over another. That said, purchasable “premium” tanks are usually top-of-the-line for their particular category.

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