Games With The Most Ridiculous Body Counts

Only in gaming can you engage in multiple planet-clearing world wars or explosive shootouts where one man somehow takes on hundreds of opponents. There's stiff competition as to which game really has the highest body count, so to make it simpler here we're going to generally avoid anything that's too “big picture” in the death department.

Sure, there are spacefaring games with the ability to destroy ships carrying thousands of crew or bombard a planet's entire surface from orbit, and we'll skip those, even if they have genocidal numbers of kills. Likewise we'll go ahead and just avoid Defcon altogether, a game with the tagline “everyone dies” in which nuclear bombs are dropped pretty much everywhere and all civilians across the globe end up fading away in a nuclear glow.

Those games unquestionably have high kill counts, but its all pretty abstract, so for this list we'll look at those games where a handful of people – perhaps even just one – manage to somehow successfully take on whole armies by the time the game ends, racking up absurd body counts well outside the bounds of credulity.

Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Is EVERYONE in Mexico a cartel member trained in how to use assault weapons and just ready to charge down a hallway while screaming wildly and brandishing a machete? I swear, you take out somewhere around the population of Tijuana by the time the game ends. 

Why don't these cartel soldiers give up at some point, and just how much are they getting paid to hurl themselves into certain death? Throw in the game's Overkill mode and things get more absurd, where you and your teammate not only become invincible, but your bullets somehow cause buildings to explode. At some point wouldn't people put down their guns and just say “nope, I'm not running towards that whirlwind duo of death, I'm going home instead?” 

For another look at a game with a similar idea but slightly different  game play, check out Square Enix's equally mass-death friendly Just Cause 2.

The Left 4 Dead Series / Dead Rising Series
Oh boy, I hope you didn't pick the shotgun or the sniper rifle before leaving the safe house, because you're going to need about 500 extra bullets than either of those is capable of holding...

Just simply climbing to the top of a hospital or trying to find gas to leave a shopping mall becomes an exercise in horde management with the Left 4 Dead games, and unfortunately your four survivors always manage to trip that alarm or find the only elevator that makes a massive grinding noise to draw in hundreds of zombies at a time! Keep note of the kill counters that pop up at the end of each level to see who managed to snag the biggest haul of fast moving brain eaters.

While featuring totally different game play, Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 also include an absolutely obnoxious amount of zombie killing. Unlocking the SUV or motorcycle and adding chainsaws to the side could see thousands of shambling corpses killed in short periods of time in the outdoor areas of Dead Rising 2, leading to a pointless achievement spending hours running over zombies to rack up a score of 72,000 kills.

Ninety Nine Nights / Dynasty Warriors
Showing you don't even need automatic assault rifles with loads of ammo clips to mow down gobs of enemies, the Ninety Nine Nights series lets you do it all with a sword or spear. While your main character will usually have a backing army to help even the score, this series focuses on putting one person into the action, wildly swinging an edged weapon for ridiculous combos that can reach the thousands. No petty goblin army or undead horde will stand before the might of your fantasy warriors in this franchise!

Although a completely separate game series, Dynasty Warriors follows the same general idea and has very similar mechanics. This particular franchise features a ton of confused number titles that don't match up between Japanese and American versions (much like Final Fantasy) as well as having a variety of spin-offs for endless hordes of enemies to slay. Dynasty Warriors 8 in particular is worth mentioning, having an achievement for slaughtering 100,000 enemies over the course of the game.

Total War
All of the Total War games include warfare on a truly massive scale that brought to mind the classic Warhammer titles of the PS1, so there was a pleasant burst of nostalgia across the gaming world when it was announced the next Total War game will in fact take place in the Warhammer universe.

Before that comes out though, there's still plenty of historical large scale combat to wade through in this series, which puts you in control of massive formations of units charging headlong into enemy armies. Just how much death do you get to mete out as general of your army? Well, Total War: Rome II features the Gore Drenched achievement, in which you must kill one MILLION men in combat.

Alien Shooter
In Alien Shooter, you are just one lone man - but that won't stop you from taking on an entire alien species. Taking place primarily indoors in cramped hallways that filter into open rooms that double as efficient killing floors, the game can spawn around 100 enemies on the screen at a time as you funnel them into corridors and unleash hell. 

For a bit of nostalgia, the arcade/NES title Smash TV was another early game in this same vein in which hordes of enemies would come out of four doorways and beg to be slaughtered while your deranged game show contestant waded gleefully through knee-high pools of blood.