Gaming On A Budget: Online Game Sales 10/2 – 10/5

We all know what October is really for, but unfortunately the horror sales haven't started yet – don't worry though, the retailers will catch on in a week or two and gives us what we want. Expect to see everything from Outlast and Amnesia to Alien: Isolation hit the bargain bin later this month. 

While waiting for the latest fear inducing adventures to finally be available cheaply, there's still dozens of PC and console games up for grabs at very reasonable rates. Here's the sales you'll want to be looking into this weekend:

Several games are available to try for free this weekend until Sunday at 1:00 PM, including the early access title Speedrunners that takes classic platforming gameplay and combines it with multiplayer, as well as the tower defense / FPS hybrid games Sanctum and Sanctum 2. If you enjoy any of these titles, they'll be available heavily discounted after you give 'em a shot at no cost.

The main Steam sale this week covers a whole lot of war gaming and various fantasy series published by Paradox Interactive, and the list is pretty huge. Get a whopping 50% - 80% off these games through October 5th:

Defenders of Ardania
March of the Eagles
Pillars of Eternity
Naval War: Arctic Circle
The Showdown Effect
King Arthur The Roleplaying War Game series
Crusader Kings series
Magicka series
Victora series
A Game Of Dwarves
Heart Of Iron III
Supreme Ruler Cold War
Sword of the Stars Complete Collection
Knights of Honor
Arsenal Of Democracy
Majesty series
Warlock series
Ancient Space
Cities in Motion
Knights of Pen and Paper
War of the Vikings
Ship Simulator
Europa Univeralis series
Pirates of Black Cove

While two mini-sales are running this weekend on the ever-dependable GOG (Quake bundle 33% off and Wolfenstein bundle 33% off), the main sale features a range of fantasy, sci-fi, and espionage-based Activision games all at a steep 66% discount:

Quest For Glory series
Space Quest series
King's Quest series
Police Quest series
Swat III
Zeus + Poseidon
Pharaoh + Cleopatra
Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption
Gabriel Knight series
Krondor series
Zork series
Dark Reign series
Torin's Passage
Spycraft: The Game

The Humble Bundle goes indie this week with a slew of interesting games off the beaten path of the big name publishers, including Sir, You Are Being Hunted – a game that made our list of best crowd funded experiences

The $1 tier includes the aforementioned game as well as Q.U.B.E. And Goodbye Deponia, while the second tier adds on SkullgirlsPlanetary Annihilation, and Xenonauts. In a twist, this week's bundle also features physical figurines available at $25 and $70 tiers.

A new feature is coming to the Humble Bundle in November called the Monthly Bundle. Rather than having donation tiers, instead this will be a monthly subscription service for $12 that automatically unlocks a slew of Steam games – with your subscription fee still going towards charity of course. Currently available details on the coming monthly service can be found here.

The start of a new month means its time for Xbox Live Gold members to get new free games! Until the 16th, Xbox 360 users can download Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, while Xbox One members get Valiant Hearts: The Great War (and don't forget if you haven't upgraded yet – you can still reserve the Xbox One games ahead of time so they'll be available when you finally break down and get a current gen console).

Besides the free games, Gold members can also buy several sports games at discounted prices through Tuesday:

Skate series
Forza Horizon 2
Of course with the changeover from September to October, the Playstation gamers with PS+ subscriptions also get access to several free games across the various Sony platforms. You can know freely play these titles (including Broken Age - another entry from our list of best crowd funded games!):

Super Meat Boy (PS4, PS Vita)
Broken Age (PS4, PS Vita)
Unmechanical: Extended (PS4, PS3)
Chariot (PS3)
KickBeat (PS3, PS Vita)