Quick, Squish It: 7 Games With Major Bugs

Anyone who has ever gotten into programming – whether we're talking about basic web development or larger scale projects like video games – knows that code can frequently behave in ways you didn't ever expect, especially when the end user starts playing around with your program.

With the focus on getting out successive iterations in various series every single year and the rush to get titles launched before the high sale holidays, unfortunately some games land in less than polished states, even if they have AAA status and come from developers with huge budgets.

Massively anticipated games with primarily positive reviews – like the newly unleashed Fallout 4 – aren't immune to these issues and are known to have their share of glitches and crashes in the first few weeks after release before major patches come out. These seven games below all have their positive points, but are primarily known for huge bugs that should have been fixed before their official releases out to the gaming public.

Might And Magic: Heroes VI
This one really hurts, because in terms of both graphics and gameplay, the sixth iteration of the turn-based Heroes Of Might And Magic strategy series managed to get a whole lot of things right and improve over the already beloved fifth entry. Unfortunately the game is broken to the point that for many people its actively unplayable. 

The screen going black and the game freezing at the start of combat is a frustratingly frequent occurrence – making some missions impossible to complete if you have to battle one particular army to move through the level. The most insidious bug comes with the dynasty weapons for magic users, however. These faction-aligned staffs are supposed to increase your power for specific types of spells, but in fact it does the opposite, and actually lowers your spell power every time you load the game or re-equip the staff. Over time your spell ability will drop so low that you won't even have enough mana to cast your faction's signature spells at all!

Due to Ubisoft's decision to switch all work on the game to a completely different team not familiar with the code and the shift in focus to the newly released Heroes 7, it's a good bet these bugs that have existed for years will never be fixed at all.

Assassins Creed: Unity
This huge series made quite a splash on its PS4 / Xbox One debut... but not the kind the developers would have hoped for. The bugs in Unity were so prevalent and so distracting thatUbisoft Montreal's CEO actually issued a public apology and offered up free DLC to everyone who had spent money on the game! 

While many of them have since been patched out, the game at launch was a nightmare to play in more ways than one. Textures from character's faces would randomly disappear, resulting in horrific appearances, and people would randomly float over the ground or get stuck in odd dancing moves on corners. There's got to be more videos showing off the hilarious bugs in the game than actual playthrough clips at this point.

Temple Of Elemental Evil
As the first PC entry to implement the D&D 3.5 edition ruleset, Temple Of Elemental Evil is actually a fun game with lots of interesting design decisions that showcase the strength of the pen and paper rules. Despite being the base campaign setting for D&D, Greyhawk has a curiously small number of video game adaptations, and this one did fairly well in resurrecting the classic Temple Of Elemental Evil module.

That being said, the game had its fair share of bugs, some of which will never be officially fixed as developer Troika no longer exists. Thankfully fans have stepped in to do their own patching that resolves quite a few of the issues.

On the game breaking bugs, one in particular really stands out - there's no need to have a rogue in your party. All those doors you come across for some reason are all completely incorporeal. Is a giant wooden door or metal portcullis locked or barred? Doesn't matter, because you can just walk through it. A major part of dungeon crawling – checking a door for traps and finding the proper key or managing to pick the lock - just got thrown out the window.

Dead Island
It's not so bad anymore on the consoles, but man this ambitious zombie title had its share of broken aspects on release, and some still persist. There's a massive wikipedia page dedicated just to all the glitches in various quests that people have had to come up with workarounds for, and disappearing inventory items was an all-too-frequent issue.

Red Dead Redemption
When dealing with large scale worlds with lots of variables it shouldn't come as much of a surprise when some things don't quite work the way are they supposed to... like characters randomly being sucked into doors, or appearing with hybrid animal features for reasons no sane person could possibly comprehend. These are just the tip of the iceberg in the huge bugs present when Rockstar Games decided to leave big cities and fast cars behind to explore the wild west, although fortunately quite a few of them have been patched out.

Far Cry 2
Considering the buggy state this was released in, it's sort of a miracle that follow-up title Far Cry 3 was released and managed to be so amazing. Before punching sharks and battling insane drug dealers in part 3, the second Far Cry put you in the wilds of Africa. Unfortunately many players in the early days after its release couldn't complete the game as it would completely freeze during certain quests or in specific locations, and your allies would frustratingly gun you down for no apparent reason at random intervals. Of course there were also a fair share of hilarious graphical glitches, chronicled in the video below.

Sonic The Hedgehog
Another one where even the developers admitted things were not as they should have been, Sonic didn't exactly have a smooth transition to the 3D realm in this rebirth of the classic series that may have peaked on the Sega Genesis. The bizarre physics issues are easily the biggest culprit here on the bug front, as you'll randomly slide while standing still, remain standing instead of falling while upside down, or just glitch out and dance around uncontrollably. Now that Sega has taken responsibility for these missteps, hopefully lessons will be learned and the hedgehog can finally retake his place as one of the most iconic gaming mascots of all time.

Let us know what most hilarious or frustrating bugs you've run into in these games and tell us what titles you think should have made this list!