How to Get the Warrior Class Specializations in Dragon Age: Inquisition — Part One

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, once you reach the Skyhold you can summon trainers to help you upgrade your class. These specializations are optimized for the battlefield and are a definite boon to any player. However, trainers give you a quest to undergo before you can use their specialization’s power. 

Here’s your guide to completing these challenges and earning your new class. This issue focuses on Warriors, but be sure to return for our guide covering Rogues and Mages that’ll be coming soon to GamerU.

Templar – Templars are one of the warrior specializations, and are optimized against demons and mages. To become a Templar, you have to create a certain object using three Broken Philters, fifty Embrium, and a book on Templar methods.

The Broken Philters can be hunted from demons in the Hinterlands; they spawn in the West Road, the Witchwood, and Lady Shayna’s Valley. Embrium can be found all over the Hinterlands, the Emerald Graves, and Crestwood, but, it’ll take you a while to get all fifty.

The book can be found on a stool in a room two stories above the armory in Skyhold. Create the item with the ingredients and return to your trainer to become a Templar.

Champion – Champions, like Blackwall, are excellent physical defenders. This class requires three Heraldry, twenty Veridium, and a book on Champion methods.

Duel one Champion each in the Ghilan’nains’ Grove, Halin’sulahn, and Desolate Bank areas in the Exalted Plains region for the Heraldry. Veridium can be found in the general area of the Exalted Plains as well. The book can be found near Blackwall if you’ve recruited him, or purchased from a merchant in Val Royeaux. Like the Templar, you can use these materials to make the item at any requisition table and return it to complete the mission.

Reaver – The Reaver is the final specialization class for warriors. Reavers are more dangerous the less health they have, making it a high-risk, high-reward play style. To create the item needed for the Reaver class, you’ll need three Infusion Primers, twenty Rashvines, and a book on Reaver methods.

There are three rivals in the Crestwood who’ll drop the Infusion Primers when killed, and Rashvines can be found in the Exalted Plains, the Emerald Graves, and the Emprise du Lion regions.

If you’ve recruited Iron Bull, he will leave the Reaver book in the bottom of the tavern at Skyhold. If you haven’t, you may purchase it from the same book merchant in Val Royeaux. Craft the item and return it to the trainer to gain your new specialization.

And that wraps up how to earn every Warrior class specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition