Power-Ups That Rattle Your Bones



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Hey there, you are watching GamerU's video guide for the iOS platformer/puzzle game Skullduggery.  In this video we go into some of the power-ups your player character Doug can get a hold of in this game.  You see, in addition to Doug's basic powers, he can come in contact with lanterns that will grant him more powers.  The fire lantern will set Doug aflame, letting him burn up crates and other wooden objects in his way, while the magnet lantern will draw coins to him for a limited time, making collecting them easier.

There's also the speed lantern, which will rocket Doug forward and is very useful in the game's underwater sections.  

The most powerful lantern though?  That would be the Megaskull lantern.  This will transform Doug into a giant rolling skull that will crush anything in his way, from bricks to hapless enemies , even normally indestructible objects like cannons and bricks.  All of these powers last for a limited time, and the Megaskull lantern is one-time-use only, so play wisely.  That's it for now guys, stay tuned to GamerU for more stuff on Skullduggery!

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