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Welcome to GamerU’s guide to fighting the Grineer in Warframe. 

The Grineer are an army of decaying clones. The Grineer protect their fragile forms by using heavy armor. Taking them down effectively depends on exploiting the weakness of their armor. 

Weapons that deliver a good amount of puncture damage are good against Grineer. Puncture not only does bonus damage against Grineer armor, it can also briefly reduce the amount of damage a target can do when the puncture status is activated. 

Grineer armor is separated into two categories - ferrite armor and alloy armor. Ferrite armor is used by weaker Grineer such as basic Troopers and Butchers. Alloy armor is used by stronger enemies such as Bombards. Grineer also have Cloned Flesh which is weak against Viral damage. 

Typically, it’s a good idea to build an offense against the stronger enemies as opposed to weaker ones. Alloy armored Grineer are weak against Radiation damage which can be created by placing electric and heat mods next to each other. In addition to doing bonus damage, Radiation also has a status effect which will temporarily make Grineer fight each other. 

In summary, use puncture weapons against all Grineer, Radiation damage for alloy armored Grineer and Viral damage for all flesh-based Grineer in general. A combination of Radiation and Viral on a weapon would be ideal. 

Thank you for watching GamerU’s guide on fighting the Grineer in Warframe and stay tuned for more tips and tutorials.

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