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How to Bet on NASCAR

The main way to bet on NASCAR is in the futures market. Before every race books will post odds for almost the entire field, depending on the event. Favorites usually come in a range between plus 200 to plus 800. But the most fun of betting NASCAR futures can be longshots. Drivers often win races with pre-tournament odds of 20 to 1 and higher. Meaning you win 20 dollars for every dollar you bet on a player if his odds are 20 to 1. So you can bet smaller amounts on multiple longshots and if one comes through you are still looking at a large profit. Another interesting way to bet NASCAR is in matchups or groups. Matchups are where the book posts multiple head-to-head matchups between two different drivers. In this bet, you pick a driver and he simply must finish higher than the driver he is matched up against. Books may also put up props especially during the major races. These can include the total number of cautions, the stage one winner or laps led by a specific driver.