Sports Betting

Lesson 13 – What is a Parlay Bet?

Learn how to place a parlay bet and what the advantages and disadvantages are. Parlay is a common term you will hear in sports betting. A parlay connects multiple bets on one ticket.

Lesson 2 – What is the Moneyline?

Learn what the moneyline is and how to interpret moneyline odds with examples. A money line bet is the most simple bet in sports betting. When you bet on the moneyline, if your team wins then you win. It is that simple. You pick who you think will win and do not have to worry about any point spread covering or late-game shenanigans.

Lesson 12 – What is a Prop Bet?

Most bets are based off the game score and result. However, the sports betting menu often includes much more specific bets called props. Props are bets on an occurrence or outcome that does not necessarily affect the final score. Prop bets can be very simple or extremely creative. Prop bets provide a fun way to get more immersed into the game and find new ways to make a profit outside of results based on the final score.

Lesson 1 – What is the Point Spread?

Learn what betting the spread is and how to read the lines. Point Spreads are the most common bet in sports. Also known as the line or simply the spread… Point Spreads are the great equalizer. The point spread gives one team a certain amount of points to make the teams seem more equal.. This entices people to bet on both teams even if one is perceived to be way better than the other.

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What does it take to make money from sports betting? Analyzing projections to see if it will pay off.

Lesson 11 – What is Chasing Steam?

Chasing steam refers to betting right when the lines open up, often way ahead of actual game time, especially in football. It is the practice of betting on an early line before a bunch of money comes in on the same side you are betting on. If you are early enough to chase the steam… you can lock in a line that will likely be much different than the closing line. Chasing steam is a common practice for pro sports bettors and if you pay attention to the markets you can follow these early pros and get the best line before bookmakers move it.

Lesson 20 – How to Follow Sharp Money

Learn how to track, follow and understand the betting percentages and line movement to identify where the sharp money is going.

How to Bet on Boxing

The most common type of bet in boxing wagering is the moneyline. This is where you simply bet on who will win the fight. Pick the correct winner and your bet cashes no matter how they win, whether it is by judge’s decision or a knockout in the ring. The second type of boxing bet would be on the total number of rounds in a fight. You are trying to predict when the fight will finish. There are also a multitude of prop bets in boxing. Some include props based off of stats. For example, betting over or under on the total amount of punches a fighter lands in the fight.

Lesson 10 – What is Sharp Money?

Learn what professional sports bettors are doing and how it affects squares. Sharp money refers to what the pro sport bettors are betting on.

Lesson 19 – What is The Martingale Betting System?

The Martingale System is when a bettor keeps betting on the same team and outcome until it becomes a winner. For instance, you bet on the same NFL team every week on the spread until they cover. The advantage of this strategy is that eventually you will be a winner and make a profit - unless of course a team never covers a spread. However, the main disadvantage of this strategy is the large bankroll it requires if the team you pick goes on a long losing streak.